Becco Reale wine

Known as "Queen of the woods" - the woodcock is a migratory bird, lives in healthy and uncontaminated environments. In organic vineyards it feeds on insects and earthworms, thus becoming a witness of the health of the earth and for this reason we have chosen it as a symbol of the quality of our wine and of VignaMadre ethics towards safeguarding the environment.

In the cellar

We have abolished substances such as Albumin (from eggs) and Casein (from milk) which are commonly used for the wine clarification processes.

We are aware that these substances - leaving traces in the products, can generate food intolerances (consumers unknowingly could believe they are intolerant to wine and perhaps, not having this information, they do not associate their intolerance to casein).

By choosing to produce also according to a Vegan-FriendIy method, VignaMadre is committed to ensuring the well-being of people and respect for animals for the future of the planet.

vini vegani